Behind the beauty
Is an overwhelming sorrow
A current of anxiety
Pulling her to depths of despair

She has long forgotten
How to sing
The joyful praises
That once was her hymn

Now she’s floating
Screaming something
Which has long been
Forgotten by the living

A man promised her once
Eternal happiness
But that happiness was
A lie that drowned her senses

As her memories fades
She slowly sinks
In her last minutes
A tear appears

To the reader:
Broken promises hurt specially if it’s one promised with love. Nothing is more fragile than a human heart, for love they could give everything but once it’s gone it could also destroy everything, that’s why not all who are in love are happy. Thanks for the read 🙂


If We Stop

If we stop minding
Would it stop the hurt?
Would it make us laugh
Or would it make us numb?

Questions keep running
Inside my head spinning
Fusing and splitting
A nuclear chain reaction of worrying

If we stop thinking
About complicated things
If we give our hearts a break
Wouldn’t it be great?

If we stop, Oh! if we stop!
And pull out the hate in our hearts
That ever so brutally wounds us
If we stop? Could we really stop?

To the readers:
Hi there! Happy New Year, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here and it’s a new year so here’s to a new start, I’ve written some poems over the past few months last year that I haven’t posted, so I’ll post them up later to make up for the few months that I have posted nothing 🙂 

About the poem, this is the first poem I have written for this year, I hope you enjoy reading this, sometimes we think that if things have stopped it’s already over, but is it? But we never knew that in the depths of our hearts we have this feeling even though it might be tiny, once if it is not fully resolved, it will grow again from a simple grudge to towering hate, just like how a fire starts small but grows so large to devour all things it passes. Hate feeds on resentments that build up and the only way to conquer hate is to love. To love unceasingly that even though at times we fail and stumble, for as long as we have it, we will never be consumed by our own hate, keep loving, keep living and keep writing! 🙂

Don’t Wake Me

I beg of you in the name of peace
To please not wake me and let me sleep
I need a quiet and a peaceful place
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have too much problems, I can’t bear the weight
I need some escape and a good night’s sleep
I am tired and I need a rest
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I am broken and in pieces
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep
I am hurt and am still healing
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have forgotten you so please don’t visit
The places in my dreams when I fall asleep
I might miss you and it will only hurt me
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep.

To the readers: Sometimes or often times sleep is the only place to rest, to slowly heal ourselves the place of comfort and escapade. So if you ever have problems or anxieties bothering you, try to get enough sleep. I’m not saying it will solve the problem. But it will clear your mind and help you in decision making. It’s the same in love, don’t ever wake a sleeping heart if you just want to have fun, don’t break it and care for it because love grows once fostered over time but don’t ever wake a sleeping heart.

When You Cried

It was the time that I fell in loved
My heart ached with yours
And a warm feeling was aroused
As I watch your tears overflow

Hey, I haven’t told you this
That you look pretty when you’re in tears
Somehow, although you’re broken
This image of you, had me falling

Your tears came down rolling
A never ending stream
Coming from your face cascading
A beautiful image of mourning

To the readers: Sometimes women looked really pretty when they cry, they have this charm that compels us console them to hug them in our embrace, to tell them everything will be okay and tell them they’re safe because we’re here. But sometimes we need to check what place we have in ourselves whether we have the right to do so or have the courage to do so. This poem is for the most beautiful girl who came to me crying and comfortably cried in my arms you are beautiful even if other tell you, you’re not.

My Home

Is where my heart is
The place where there is peace
and days are spent in bliss

But that place is now a fantasy
A mythical ideology
And a sorrowful symphony

As I stare into the space
All I see, is the future in haze
As I live in this place of emptiness


To the reader:  Good day! It’s been few weeks since I haven’t updated, was a bit busy with work and some personal decisions to make regarding my career.  So, about this poem, I always believe that home is where the heart is, for “home” as a context to me is a place of rest, where I can relax and be taken care of. Sometimes when we find the one that we love, we would take that as find a home of our own, I, for one believe in this idea. For wherever your heart is, your home will be there for it is there where I will rest my love and forever be happy. But what if we lost it? or is burned or destroyed by natural disaster? We’ll be lost, it’ll break us apart for it is there that we’ve built our foundation and everything that we love. Whether it be love, family or friends each and everyone of us creates a home we can go to. I don’t know if you’ve understand this, but home is where I am happy, where I’ll feel love and where all my love is.


Plain and unadorned
Simple and straight to the point
The things that you scorn
Are the abilities of my own

You’re words drop a bomb
To the still world I was on
You left me in destruction
By the words that you’ve thrown

You were the chief reason
The piece that change the motion
I was on a constant renovation
Innovating, designing and changing my own

You were the inspiration
A charismatic pandemonium
That lead me into this revolution
Of thoughts and mortal obsession

I was trying to be a clown
To make you happy on my own
You were my constant addiction
And I was drowning on my own.

To the readers: Hey! It’s the fourth of June, haven’t posted in a while, and this would be my first for this month :).

Sometimes love can make us do silly things, we treat the words from the one we love as a law or a decree from a high standing royalty that has to be followed, we follow these orders/wants from them, we change ourselves to what they like, from the completely boring person we are, we became what we are not, sometimes it is good to change but sometimes we need to keep a part of ourself to revert back where we are, so we can find ourselves if ever we lost ourselves or break into pieces. The story of this poem is about how love changes a person and how determined love is :).

One Sided

I was normal but incomplete
I have everything but without you near
I was like a pot, perfect, but have nothing in it
I was lacking life, to cherish and adore

I have eyes but I can’t see
I was looking at things wrongly
I was only thinking of you and me
And not the possibility if it was me you see

I had two hands but was touching nothing
I meant to hold you in an endless embrace
I wanted to show you that love is a bliss
Sometimes short-lived but true love is undying

I had two ears but I can’t hear
That your heart beating for me was unreal
I was under a spell so cruel
It was making me think that forever was real

To the reader: One sided love,often refers to a person who is deeply in love with another person who does not feel the same way. This kind of love is the hardest and the saddest. How can you fall in love with someone you can’t have? But still wish for their own happiness, if that person gets hurt you’d get hurt too. This is, in all it’s emotional complexity is one aspect of love that’s so enchanting and mind blowing. It can make a hard-headed person yield and the weak strong. So keep faith that love is real, even though its complex and destructive it is still magical, it heals the brokenhearted and completes the lonely person. At one point in time not all love are given are to be reciprocated after all it is more blessed to give than to receive. 🙂 smile! keep loving.