My Man of Steel, My Man of Honor

To the man I truly loved the most,
My knight in his shining armor,
My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,

Today I write these words for you,
I was blessed for having you,
Yet life for us was not easy,
Trials and challenges had come over us,

There was a time that I was alone,
Being this Damsel in Distress,
Walking in a lonely road without you at my side,
I heard their noise, some are happy, some are even mocking me,

Tears were the only comfort I had that time,
There was none, but my shattered heart crying,
Crying because of too much pain and sorrow,
I thought it would be the end of us,

Each day I thought of fighting,
To fight for the love you’d given me,
Yet there’s no enough strength for me,
To make this love last long,

Until one day I thought of giving up,
Coz there’s no more left but pity for myself,
Too much pain, suffering, and humiliation I felt,
For my soul was moaning and weeping,

‘Twas then I realized,
God seeks happiness for those who weeps,
My Man of Steel had come again,
My Man of Honor was here at my side,

Together, we both fight those trials,
Thank God for giving me,
My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,

Who taught me to fight bravely,
Who encouraged me to live happily,
To love hime more each day,
Coz tomorrow is  not yet the end of us,

Who could have thought he’d come back?
Perhaps, God had answered my weeping heart,
Coz giving up, could mean my regret forever,
If once in my life I had surrendered.

To My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,
These I write to you,
The symbol of my love and happiness.


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