12:00 AM Talks

The rain is pouring hard
Someone’s having it hard
Can’t sleep and thinking is bad
So many what if’s running in mind

Hate filling her heart
Diarrhoea of thoughts keep flowing out
And constipation of words on her mouth
A strange dilemma keeps playing in her heart

She is unknown to this feeling
Unused and foreign to this feeling
She’s longing for someone’s flame
To ignite her burning passion within

And so unable to handle it in
She types and text someone on the screen:
“Hey! I have something to say, so better listen”
He replies, “sure, everything’s okay there?” he types in

“I like you, for a very long time I just kept it in!”
Silence, long silence and typing in screen
She exhales hard, now that she’s said the things to him
She’s ready for the reply that would change her being

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