Ang imo kasing kasing mura ug Kugon
Dali ra dauban ug dali pasigahon
Apan imong kayo pila ra ka segundo
Kay sa pagkipat sakong mata nahimo ng abo

Busa kitang duha wala kauyon
Kay ako ang ganahan
Ikaw tong kapoyon
Maong ang kita nabiyaan na sa panahon

Ako tong usa nga nagpadayon
Ikaw tong karon nabilin pa sa kagahapon
Wala nag bag-o ang dughang gama sa kugon
Sige ra gihapog siga sige ra sag kapalong


Your heart is like a cogon grass
easy to set fire and easy to set ablaze
But your fire only lasts a second
Cause in the blink of an eye it turns to ash

That’s why we did not blend
Because I was the one wanted
And you were the one who was tired
That’s why the time left us apart

I was the one who continued
While you were left dwelling in the past
Nothing has changed in your cogon-made heart
Still burning but easily put out

About the poem: This poem was inspired by the term “ningas kugon” an idiomatic expression in Tagalog dialect which means “only hardworking at the beginning but does not finish until the end…” This is one of the attitudes which is a trademark to some Filipinos and I don’t deny the fact that I’m sometimes just like this. So I compared it to the kind of love which is intense but short live, only strives through the good times but vanishes on the onslaught of  trials. It’s like the flame of a cogon grass easy to set fire and burns fast and is gone forever blown by the wind.


kung unsa man or asa man padung
wa nako kabalo kay ako nang palungon
ang kasing-kasing nga gapitik dili na nako tagdon
kay ako gikapoy nag puli sa battery nga maguba ra gihapon

NOTE: I wrote this poem in Cebuano dialect and this is how it goes in English, hope you like it.

“To what or where this is heading
I don’t know, because I’ll switch it off
The heart that beats I will ignore
Because I’m tired of replacing the battery which get’s destroyed”

Dedication:  To the heart that has suffered a lot and is tired of being hurt. Rest your love and heal.