To Mother

I love you no matter what
Even at times we get at odds
When I don’t listen and you’re hurt
Or when I give up on you just like now

I’m sorry I couldn’t be that son
Who give you everything like the loyal one
The food, the money and loads of fun
I’m sorry I could not be a dependable man

But this you can depend
That your son truly loves his mom
I love you from the bottom of my heart
Just couldn’t show it when you’re in front

My Home

Is where my heart is
The place where there is peace
and days are spent in bliss

But that place is now a fantasy
A mythical ideology
And a sorrowful symphony

As I stare into the space
All I see, is the future in haze
As I live in this place of emptiness


To the reader:  Good day! It’s been few weeks since I haven’t updated, was a bit busy with work and some personal decisions to make regarding my career.  So, about this poem, I always believe that home is where the heart is, for “home” as a context to me is a place of rest, where I can relax and be taken care of. Sometimes when we find the one that we love, we would take that as find a home of our own, I, for one believe in this idea. For wherever your heart is, your home will be there for it is there where I will rest my love and forever be happy. But what if we lost it? or is burned or destroyed by natural disaster? We’ll be lost, it’ll break us apart for it is there that we’ve built our foundation and everything that we love. Whether it be love, family or friends each and everyone of us creates a home we can go to. I don’t know if you’ve understand this, but home is where I am happy, where I’ll feel love and where all my love is.


You’re on the stage clad
in the best gown in town while
Mom and Dad smiles wide

I wanted to say congratulations to my sister for graduating this year, congrats! You’re now on the way to being a teacher, I hope that whoever child you teach you plant in them the seed of curiosity to learn, to seek learning is the most wonderful thing you can teach and teach them how to love everyone around them, not just in text but teach them through actions. I know the road is uncertain but relax you’re on for something thrilling, let’s roll and God Bless you, congrats!