No man is an island
That’s very true for us humans
For as a man we need someone
To be with us, to do things hand in hand

That’s why to you I’m always thankful
Even though I act so ungrateful
You’re there for me when I feel awful
And gives me courage when I feel doubtful

At times I’m lost and can’t control myself
You’re always there for me ready to help
To wake me up and help me stand
The one whom I can share my problems with, the best confidant


Since this month is for our dearest mothers, I offer this poem to the most approachable person and always there for you when you need them, the one who is hurt the most when you’re hurting and the happiest when you achieved something. Happy mother’s day, love you mom! 🙂


A Best Friend’s Love

A stupid arrow has pierced my heart
That sneaky little cupid launch an attack
It broke my defense and it cracked apart
I should have known better to protect my heart

At first I thought it was normal
I never thought that fate was brutal
To bestow with me a love that’s eternal
But it hurts when you know your just a best pal

Big Brother, a bully she calls me
We sit and talk about anything else that could be
The past, the present and the future we can’t see
But all this while looking at you is it possible to be you and me?

*comment down guys should I continue being a best friend or should I tell her how I feel…