Should I tell you I love you?
Even though you already knew
Would it even matter if I said this words to you
Should I tell you? So my heart could let you go

Should I tell you I love you?
And that’s all I wanted to do
From the moment I saw you
My heart just couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
No, I don’t think that would do
When you’ve already said to me, “no”
Should I tell you I love you? I really wanted to

I saw you last night drinking alone
Should I approach you?
I’ve been longing to talk to you
About the feelings I couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
Maybe yes, and maybe no, I’m not sure
But I should tell you in another lifetime though
when you’re ready to say, that you love me too


Good day! 🙂 so long and thanks for reading!

Don’t Wake Me

I beg of you in the name of peace
To please not wake me and let me sleep
I need a quiet and a peaceful place
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have too much problems, I can’t bear the weight
I need some escape and a good night’s sleep
I am tired and I need a rest
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I am broken and in pieces
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep
I am hurt and am still healing
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have forgotten you so please don’t visit
The places in my dreams when I fall asleep
I might miss you and it will only hurt me
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep.

To the readers: Sometimes or often times sleep is the only place to rest, to slowly heal ourselves the place of comfort and escapade. So if you ever have problems or anxieties bothering you, try to get enough sleep. I’m not saying it will solve the problem. But it will clear your mind and help you in decision making. It’s the same in love, don’t ever wake a sleeping heart if you just want to have fun, don’t break it and care for it because love grows once fostered over time but don’t ever wake a sleeping heart.

When You Cried

It was the time that I fell in loved
My heart ached with yours
And a warm feeling was aroused
As I watch your tears overflow

Hey, I haven’t told you this
That you look pretty when you’re in tears
Somehow, although you’re broken
This image of you, had me falling

Your tears came down rolling
A never ending stream
Coming from your face cascading
A beautiful image of mourning

To the readers: Sometimes women looked really pretty when they cry, they have this charm that compels us console them to hug them in our embrace, to tell them everything will be okay and tell them they’re safe because we’re here. But sometimes we need to check what place we have in ourselves whether we have the right to do so or have the courage to do so. This poem is for the most beautiful girl who came to me crying and comfortably cried in my arms you are beautiful even if other tell you, you’re not.

My Home

Is where my heart is
The place where there is peace
and days are spent in bliss

But that place is now a fantasy
A mythical ideology
And a sorrowful symphony

As I stare into the space
All I see, is the future in haze
As I live in this place of emptiness


To the reader:  Good day! It’s been few weeks since I haven’t updated, was a bit busy with work and some personal decisions to make regarding my career.  So, about this poem, I always believe that home is where the heart is, for “home” as a context to me is a place of rest, where I can relax and be taken care of. Sometimes when we find the one that we love, we would take that as find a home of our own, I, for one believe in this idea. For wherever your heart is, your home will be there for it is there where I will rest my love and forever be happy. But what if we lost it? or is burned or destroyed by natural disaster? We’ll be lost, it’ll break us apart for it is there that we’ve built our foundation and everything that we love. Whether it be love, family or friends each and everyone of us creates a home we can go to. I don’t know if you’ve understand this, but home is where I am happy, where I’ll feel love and where all my love is.

It was not love

Your eye’s that seem to know
All the sadness I can’t show
The gaze that thaws the snow
And puts my heart aglow

Your mouth that speaks of comfort
Of what I want to hear the most
It provokes my mind and awakens thoughts
Into speaking the unspoken words

Your touch they remind me
That pain is just temporary
If you have someone to help carry
Then things will be more easy

But there was one thing I misunderstood
That everytime I see you my heart would stop
I’d get shy for no reason and I was shock
But I know we’re just friends and it was not love

To the reader:
I know, that’s why thanks for being a great friend. Sometimes we must not let outside factors affect you, if they linked you together because you look good with each other, listen to your heart first and observe then follow your heart, but carry your brain, it is much more comfortable to have a friend than to have a partner but lose her in the end, it will hurt like hell and your heart will be torn in two. So think first before you act, sometimes accidents happen, but always remember safety first 🙂 think for the better.

A visit

I went back to a place I know
When I was once a boy
To see faces from my mind
The pictures in my soul

The pictures that I long to replicate
From the memories of my past state
My innocent life when I didn’t know anything yet
Was something not others can duplicate

It’s something my teachers gave
And my classmates fill of share
All the times that we have shared
They all come back as I visit this place

About the Picture: This picture is in front of my alma mater in high school The Sisters of Mary School. A Roman Catholic schools which focuses on helping the poorest of the poor youth of the country, for Philippines we have four branches of this school 2 in Cavite and 2  in Cebu (Minglanilla and Talisay).

Author’s Note: Sometimes when we visit a place all memories will rush back to us, those memories that we thought we’ve already forgotten as time passed by. There are mixed feelings when coming to places like this, as for me, I missed the brotherly love I experienced in my highschool.

              Imagine all 2100 plus boys studying together in a campus, only going out outside the world to have vacation for 14 days a year and the rest is all about study, praying, working and playing. I lived with 50 students which became my dorm mates for four consecutive years in highschool. This 50 boys came from different islands here on Philippines(Visayas and Mindanao) each growing up in a different kind of environment, with each, an attitude to his own. Our first year was a mess, with each adjusting to each other, fights and conflicts arise due to misunderstanding attributed to behaviour, language and mainly the energy of youth. So all this and that we learned to live in sync for four years, eating and living in the same environment, equally with the same clothes, study materials. We face the same trials and encounters in our early youth as highschoolers and that created a kind of love which is hard to find brotherly love created through our bonding. We do everything at the same time with set schedules for study, praying, playing and working. We do everything together so that no one is left behind and no one will feel lonely and that everyone is responsible for looking out for each other, we value each other and treat everyone as real siblings with the sisters standing as our mother.

              Even now, I still long to go back to those days where life was fun and full of innocence without a care for what will happen tomorrow, only focused on what is happening at the moment. So to admit, I miss the school, the family, the friends, the loving sisters and the love I received from everyone. All of this I realised when I visited this place.

My Man of Steel, My Man of Honor

To the man I truly loved the most,
My knight in his shining armor,
My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,

Today I write these words for you,
I was blessed for having you,
Yet life for us was not easy,
Trials and challenges had come over us,

There was a time that I was alone,
Being this Damsel in Distress,
Walking in a lonely road without you at my side,
I heard their noise, some are happy, some are even mocking me,

Tears were the only comfort I had that time,
There was none, but my shattered heart crying,
Crying because of too much pain and sorrow,
I thought it would be the end of us,

Each day I thought of fighting,
To fight for the love you’d given me,
Yet there’s no enough strength for me,
To make this love last long,

Until one day I thought of giving up,
Coz there’s no more left but pity for myself,
Too much pain, suffering, and humiliation I felt,
For my soul was moaning and weeping,

‘Twas then I realized,
God seeks happiness for those who weeps,
My Man of Steel had come again,
My Man of Honor was here at my side,

Together, we both fight those trials,
Thank God for giving me,
My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,

Who taught me to fight bravely,
Who encouraged me to live happily,
To love hime more each day,
Coz tomorrow is  not yet the end of us,

Who could have thought he’d come back?
Perhaps, God had answered my weeping heart,
Coz giving up, could mean my regret forever,
If once in my life I had surrendered.

To My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,
These I write to you,
The symbol of my love and happiness.


No man is an island
That’s very true for us humans
For as a man we need someone
To be with us, to do things hand in hand

That’s why to you I’m always thankful
Even though I act so ungrateful
You’re there for me when I feel awful
And gives me courage when I feel doubtful

At times I’m lost and can’t control myself
You’re always there for me ready to help
To wake me up and help me stand
The one whom I can share my problems with, the best confidant


Since this month is for our dearest mothers, I offer this poem to the most approachable person and always there for you when you need them, the one who is hurt the most when you’re hurting and the happiest when you achieved something. Happy mother’s day, love you mom! 🙂

A Best Friend’s Love

A stupid arrow has pierced my heart
That sneaky little cupid launch an attack
It broke my defense and it cracked apart
I should have known better to protect my heart

At first I thought it was normal
I never thought that fate was brutal
To bestow with me a love that’s eternal
But it hurts when you know your just a best pal

Big Brother, a bully she calls me
We sit and talk about anything else that could be
The past, the present and the future we can’t see
But all this while looking at you is it possible to be you and me?

*comment down guys should I continue being a best friend or should I tell her how I feel…