You’re on the stage clad
in the best gown in town while
Mom and Dad smiles wide

I wanted to say congratulations to my sister for graduating this year, congrats! You’re now on the way to being a teacher, I hope that whoever child you teach you plant in them the seed of curiosity to learn, to seek learning is the most wonderful thing you can teach and teach them how to love everyone around them, not just in text but teach them through actions. I know the road is uncertain but relax you’re on for something thrilling, let’s roll and God Bless you, congrats!


was the reason I
came down from heaven and stayed
partying on hell

To the reader: True love will always persevere no matter hell or water; ups and downs; accidents and trials will occur, but a man who loves, is happy to endure them for the girl she adores . Thanks for reading this haiku.