What If

What if
the person you need
is the same person
you cannot speak to
you need them
the most.

-Nikita Gill

Yeah, but you can’t hear my voice.


I’ve Fallen Sam

I called her Sam my favorite one
Of all the person I’ve known on land
The way she acts and talk is fun
A cheerful and delightful friend to anyone

She captures me in way’s I can’t explain
Like how we can’t stop the clouds from pouring rain
It’s like a happiness and curse my joy and my pain
Forever embedded in the hypothalamus of my brain

Although I know she’s already taken
In my mind and heart she’s my maiden
No amount of pain & bleeding can’t stop this beating
For a heart that’s been ensnared and has already fallen


I don’t know what you do, but your every action makes my heart skip a beat.

Love Like The Sky

            I just want to say these things to you, while the world is asleep, I’m really frustrated, I’m hurting, wanting, needing and trying to do the things, I know I shouldn’t do. But what can I do, when my mind tells me this is the right thing, but my heart wants me to do the opposite.

           It is easy to think of the right thing to do, but actually in reality those things are the hardest thing to do. For the difficulty of things does not depend on the quantity or quality of what we do, it’s not by how much or how many things we accomplish, but it is by fulfilling what our heart truly desires. What I’m saying is I really want to tell you I love you, but I can’t for the time and place we’re in, just not permit such things to happen. In this world of competitiveness where the weak are swallowed by the strong. I must not let you be involved in things that will make your life difficult. I want you to live in peace and harmony with the world. Like a brother protecting his sister, so do I must protect you, to the best of my ability. This is my kind of love, the love a friend to a bestfriend, eternal not sensual, spiritual not physical, democratic and not tyranical. So to say, I love you without any limit, by your side, outside, inside or anywhere you go, my love will always be there, like the sky covering us. We may not look up and not see them, but I’ll always be there overseeing, watching, hearing, seeing and feeling the same things you do. Far away not being able to help and to touch you, yet I’m always there for you, sharing the weight and the burden that you do, I’m not afraid to help, but it’s just that I can’t help, it is your own battle that you must win and it is for your own growth that you’ll have to experience.

-Love like the sky, watching, listening, observing

-Nivram Sollidrot