Every Waking Hour

Like how the sun rises
Every waking hour, I long to touch your face
Every time I want to feel your embrace

The touch of your hand makes me go
Out of control from the ecstasy
Right then and now it make me wanna go crazy

Darling you’re all I’ve ever long for
Every minute, second and hour
Every moment of my waking hour

Hey it's been a while, so here's some updates, I'm gonna be posting more about the poems I wrote over the past few months. 

disclaimer: photo not mine.

Wake up

Open those sleepy eyes
And wipe those atoms in your eyes
Wake up my dearest heart
I’ll kiss you awake along with hugs

And when you still feel sleepy
Let me accompany you and sleep
For a little more, just a little more sleep
Let’s finish the dream where you and I kiss

She’s Helen

She’s Helen, a face that could launch a thousand ships
Whom many sailors long to dock their ship
She is the object of all worship
She is a beauty that will bring catastrophe

She is the most beautiful of all the ladies
Whom I have met along this journey
By far among all the rest she’s the prettiest
Both in her body and her spirit

She’s Helen whom many men adores
Constantly and insistently knocking on her doors
Even when I’m the king I don’t feel secure
Over the overwhelming number of her suitors

But she’s not the Helen of history
She’s the Helen of today’s society
When she loves she gives all her sincerity
That’s why I love her and will love her unconditionally

Disclaimer: image not mine, taken from the web.

I’m afraid

I’m afraid because I love you
You might get scared of me too
I might cause you harm
Instead of causing warmth

I’m afraid that if I go all out
You might get suddenly get tired
I’m afraid that when we part
I could and might never survive

I am afraid with the thought
Of losing and forgetting you
I’m afraid that this is all a dream for us too
A beautiful nightmare I don’t want to wake up to.

disclaimer: photo not mine. 

Paranoid Heart

He asks too many questions
Shows overly concern
When things don’t align
He seeks to right them on time

He has wronged you
Annoyed and cornered you
You say you’re okay
But he knows you're in dismay

He promised to understand
Every little thing that will transpire
He may have at times be inconsiderate
He may have hurt you instead of fixing it

He doesn’t want to lose you 
Over his stupidity and insensitivity
He loves you and that’s true to him
Even when his paranoid and moody

disclaimer: photo not mine


She is outgoing and spoken
But she is shy as a clam
She closes her entrance
When she’s scared or down

She is pretty and kind
She’d always make you feel warm
She’d be the best bully in town
If she gets close to your warmth

She amongst all the rest
Is the most loveable and the best
She’s the most understanding and sweetest
She may not show it overly because she’s shy

disclaimer: photo not mine


She is a tempest
She’ll wreck havoc your peace
She’ll let you know the strongest gales
That will throw away your sails

She is an angry ocean in the midst of a storm
No ships dared to pass her when she’s on a roll
Cross her and be destroyed body and soul
By the raging tempest within her storm

But she is the tempest that I longed for
To cross, experience and searched for so long
In her tempest I found myself getting strong
Her winds and rains are a comfort to my soul

disclaimer: photo not mine. 

Thank you for reading!


From day to day
All I want is to hear your voice say
Good morning’s and have you eaten
Simple talks with love in between

Sometime when covid-19 is done
I’d wish to walk you home my hon
To say goodbye and kiss you at your front
Seeing you enter on the front of your yard

Maybe grab a drink or two
Or a dine-in in a restaurant would do
A treat to street foods is okay too
The truth is I just want to be with you

I’d also like to go to a movie
And at the mall enjoy some foods
Or we could go to church and pray
You and me holding hands and smiling happily too

12:00 AM Talks

The rain is pouring hard
Someone’s having it hard
Can’t sleep and thinking is bad
So many what if’s running in mind

Hate filling her heart
Diarrhoea of thoughts keep flowing out
And constipation of words on her mouth
A strange dilemma keeps playing in her heart

She is unknown to this feeling
Unused and foreign to this feeling
She’s longing for someone’s flame
To ignite her burning passion within

And so unable to handle it in
She types and text someone on the screen:
“Hey! I have something to say, so better listen”
He replies, “sure, everything’s okay there?” he types in

“I like you, for a very long time I just kept it in!”
Silence, long silence and typing in screen
She exhales hard, now that she’s said the things to him
She’s ready for the reply that would change her being

Peace Tea

How good it is if people could drink peace
Just one sip and all the anger vanishes
Into oblivion with just one sip of this
Oh how good it is, if it would be a kind of tea

As much as I love peace
I have never known what it truly is
They say it’s the feeling of being at ease
Like a still pond with no ripples

How good it is if we could brew peace
When we are troubled and ill at ease
When times are hard and pressing
How good it is to have a cup of peace

A cup of peace to soothe your mind
A drink to help and ease your heart
To find peace when we’re in a bind
That kind of drink that’ll warm your heart

Here’s for a tea of peace! I wish you all the peace and calmness of your mind, whenever doubts and anxieties start to cloud your state of mind.