No One Listened

Today I played a tune
But no one listened
It was meant as a toast
But they refused the intention

Today I listened to that tune
With an open heart I sing the words
An unknown heartbreaking foreign song
To which my heart is completely drawn

Cheer up! Because the world is too sad
Many people’s faces painted in a frown
Shoulders are down and heads are bowed
Hearts are heavy and smiles are scarce

The world is in silence
They need someone to pull the strings
To destroy that monotonous buzzing
With wild rock and disco hymns

Comfort that sorrowful soul
With each keystrokes from the piano
Pluck that worries in your heart
With every string of your guitar

And when missing my home
Play that catchy country song
Or that OPM song that reminds you of
A childhood sweetheart you once loved.


Some songs you have to listen alone 😦 . To be honest I’m an atheist of songs, I have preference but I’m always ready to hear any music, because they were created to be heard, to comfort and to entertain our lonely souls.