A raindrop fell
In sync with a drop of tear
I look up at the sky
As the tears rolled in my eyes

The raindrops pick-up
It drowned my face
But the tears won’t stop
As it took the pace

I closed my eyes
But the tears won’t stop falling
As the rain mixed in my tears
It flooded my world and drowned my whole being

because of you it won’t stop falling…

The Effects of the Environment and How to Take Care of It

Environment plays a great role in the world we are living, we depend solely on it. From the environment we get our resources of living and get all the necessities of life. It is where we interact, from it came the oxygen gases released from plants which enables us to breathe in the air and be able to survive, it sucks in Carbon Dioxide which is harmful to both our body and the atmosphere. Hence, we can therefore be able to say that without the environment we are living, the trees, the forest, the sky and the seas, life on Earth would be unimaginable, it would almost be impossible to exist in that kind of place.

The things that we do, to the environment whether good or bad comes back to us in double measure, from today’s current happenings, there have been different events that prove to us how the environment makes us pay for what we have done, for instance the heavy floods that happen to some places in Manila, where it sometimes, bring disastrous outcomes, resulting to human casualties, especially during numerous typhoon passages to our country. These disasters are the outcome of our abuse to the environment, throwing garbage anywhere, throwing hazardous waste into water bodies, destroying the habitats of the fish and other organisms living there, illegal logging of trees in the forest, destroying the habitats of the animals causing changes in their lifestyle adding to the decreased number of animals living in the world, plus the hunting of endangered animals for personal gains. These and all the other activities that are contributing to the change in our environment, and the worsening case of global warming today, will be the possible reasons, human will soon cease to exist, not to alien invasion or the end of the world, but due to our abusive behavior and irresponsible actions towards the environment.

To prevent all of this from happening, we must take actions now, standup do something and contribute to saving the environment and improving our way of life. As a person, we can at least do simple things, small things, in which if everybody does it, it gives a significant meaning and value to our efforts, because big things comes from small beginnings. So right now, we can do small things, by planting trees, conserving energy, throwing garbage at the right place and recycling things whenever possible. As a youth of today, these actions are for the future generations, that they may still see trees, breathe fresh air, bath in the falls, swim in the seas and climb mountains. These are actions are not for us, but for our future children and the next generations.

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