Sweet Nighmare

I haven’t seen you in a while
When you popped up in my dreams
You were dressed in white
But there were tears in your eyes

The dream continued
But it was different scenario
I was in your arms seemingly dead
You were crying out in some front yard patio

The next day I dreamed something
It was still you but we were running
You were so anxious and it was so unnerving
I wanted to protect you but I’m weak so we keep on running

Then a strange thing happened
I felt your lips touch mine, it was the sweetest kiss ever
But then everything broke like a mirror struck by hammer
As the ringtone in my phone said “Wake up Tordz! It’s time to shower!”



A raindrop fell
In sync with a drop of tear
I look up at the sky
As the tears rolled in my eyes

The raindrops pick-up
It drowned my face
But the tears won’t stop
As it took the pace

I closed my eyes
But the tears won’t stop falling
As the rain mixed in my tears
It flooded my world and drowned my whole being

because of you it won’t stop falling…


It’s hard you know for me to say this
But I do know it was wrong for me to do it
I may have hurt you but I ask for forgiveness
It was out of anger that’s why I did it

I was out for second and I lost it
I was not myself I could not see it
It was my problem I wasn’t able to control it
That’s why I burst out from the pressure of it

It was unfounded jealousy that pushed me to limits
It was the lack of friends and no one to tell this
I was wrong, I was mad and I got drank from it
It was why, I pulled the trigger when I saw you kiss his lips.



Sometimes in the middle of nowhere,
I’m left hanging and dumbfounded,
by the truth that had spoken to me,
its sound echoed thru time and space,

The very reason I hated time,
I scream upon hearing it’s tick and tack,
faking and fainting a smile,
seeing myself complaining in front of a clock,

and yet you were my favorite almost,
my unforgettable what if,
my best hello,
my painful goodbye,

Watching the clock,
I had realized then,
that I’m always a minute too late,
It’s always 11:12.

I’ve Fallen Sam

I called her Sam my favorite one
Of all the person I’ve known on land
The way she acts and talk is fun
A cheerful and delightful friend to anyone

She captures me in way’s I can’t explain
Like how we can’t stop the clouds from pouring rain
It’s like a happiness and curse my joy and my pain
Forever embedded in the hypothalamus of my brain

Although I know she’s already taken
In my mind and heart she’s my maiden
No amount of pain & bleeding can’t stop this beating
For a heart that’s been ensnared and has already fallen


I don’t know what you do, but your every action makes my heart skip a beat.