Every Waking Hour

Like how the sun rises
Every waking hour, I long to touch your face
Every time I want to feel your embrace

The touch of your hand makes me go
Out of control from the ecstasy
Right then and now it make me wanna go crazy

Darling you’re all I’ve ever long for
Every minute, second and hour
Every moment of my waking hour

Hey it's been a while, so here's some updates, I'm gonna be posting more about the poems I wrote over the past few months. 

disclaimer: photo not mine.

She’s Helen

She’s Helen, a face that could launch a thousand ships
Whom many sailors long to dock their ship
She is the object of all worship
She is a beauty that will bring catastrophe

She is the most beautiful of all the ladies
Whom I have met along this journey
By far among all the rest she’s the prettiest
Both in her body and her spirit

She’s Helen whom many men adores
Constantly and insistently knocking on her doors
Even when I’m the king I don’t feel secure
Over the overwhelming number of her suitors

But she’s not the Helen of history
She’s the Helen of today’s society
When she loves she gives all her sincerity
That’s why I love her and will love her unconditionally

Disclaimer: image not mine, taken from the web.

I’m afraid

I’m afraid because I love you
You might get scared of me too
I might cause you harm
Instead of causing warmth

I’m afraid that if I go all out
You might get suddenly get tired
I’m afraid that when we part
I could and might never survive

I am afraid with the thought
Of losing and forgetting you
I’m afraid that this is all a dream for us too
A beautiful nightmare I don’t want to wake up to.

disclaimer: photo not mine. 


Should I tell you I love you?
Even though you already knew
Would it even matter if I said this words to you
Should I tell you? So my heart could let you go

Should I tell you I love you?
And that’s all I wanted to do
From the moment I saw you
My heart just couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
No, I don’t think that would do
When you’ve already said to me, “no”
Should I tell you I love you? I really wanted to

I saw you last night drinking alone
Should I approach you?
I’ve been longing to talk to you
About the feelings I couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
Maybe yes, and maybe no, I’m not sure
But I should tell you in another lifetime though
when you’re ready to say, that you love me too


Good day! 🙂 so long and thanks for reading!

Don’t Wake Me

I beg of you in the name of peace
To please not wake me and let me sleep
I need a quiet and a peaceful place
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have too much problems, I can’t bear the weight
I need some escape and a good night’s sleep
I am tired and I need a rest
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I am broken and in pieces
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep
I am hurt and am still healing
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have forgotten you so please don’t visit
The places in my dreams when I fall asleep
I might miss you and it will only hurt me
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep.

To the readers: Sometimes or often times sleep is the only place to rest, to slowly heal ourselves the place of comfort and escapade. So if you ever have problems or anxieties bothering you, try to get enough sleep. I’m not saying it will solve the problem. But it will clear your mind and help you in decision making. It’s the same in love, don’t ever wake a sleeping heart if you just want to have fun, don’t break it and care for it because love grows once fostered over time but don’t ever wake a sleeping heart.

A Little Bit

I’m a little bit funny, a little bit mad,
a little bit happy, a little bit sad,
a little bit holy, a little bit bad,
I’m a little man Tordy, a little bit odd.

I do admit my clothes are a little bit messy,
I do a lot of work, a little bit lazy,
I do listen to my teacher, a little bit drowsy,
But I do always went to school, a little bit early.

I always speak of things, a little bit dreamy,
I always speak to people, a little bit frankly,
I always approach people, a little bit friendly,
I always like simple people, a little bit geeky.

I have a lot of reactions, I’m a little bit touchy,
I have a lot of enemies, a little bit deadly,
I have a lot of friends, a little bit hearty,
I have a lot of attitudes, a little bit saintly.

I broke my heart a thousand times, a little bit badly,
I found myself a million times, a little bit lonely,
God comfort me a billion times, a little bit lavishly,
I’ll forever be thankful to God a zillion times, for giving me a wonderful family.

To the reader: here is a bit of introduction to myself…


Tell Me

Tell me if you ever cared,
if a single thought
for me was spared.

Tell me when you lie in bed,
do you think of something
I once said.

Tell me if you hurt at all,
when someone says
my name with yours.

It may have been so long ago,
but I would give
the world to know

-Lang Leav

I so like this poem, Lang Leav does it so well… I would really like to know… 🙂 

A Best Friend’s Love

A stupid arrow has pierced my heart
That sneaky little cupid launch an attack
It broke my defense and it cracked apart
I should have known better to protect my heart

At first I thought it was normal
I never thought that fate was brutal
To bestow with me a love that’s eternal
But it hurts when you know your just a best pal

Big Brother, a bully she calls me
We sit and talk about anything else that could be
The past, the present and the future we can’t see
But all this while looking at you is it possible to be you and me?

*comment down guys should I continue being a best friend or should I tell her how I feel…