A Little Bit

I’m a little bit funny, a little bit mad,
a little bit happy, a little bit sad,
a little bit holy, a little bit bad,
I’m a little man Tordy, a little bit odd.

I do admit my clothes are a little bit messy,
I do a lot of work, a little bit lazy,
I do listen to my teacher, a little bit drowsy,
But I do always went to school, a little bit early.

I always speak of things, a little bit dreamy,
I always speak to people, a little bit frankly,
I always approach people, a little bit friendly,
I always like simple people, a little bit geeky.

I have a lot of reactions, I’m a little bit touchy,
I have a lot of enemies, a little bit deadly,
I have a lot of friends, a little bit hearty,
I have a lot of attitudes, a little bit saintly.

I broke my heart a thousand times, a little bit badly,
I found myself a million times, a little bit lonely,
God comfort me a billion times, a little bit lavishly,
I’ll forever be thankful to God a zillion times, for giving me a wonderful family.

To the reader: here is a bit of introduction to myself…



Tell Me

Tell me if you ever cared,
if a single thought
for me was spared.

Tell me when you lie in bed,
do you think of something
I once said.

Tell me if you hurt at all,
when someone says
my name with yours.

It may have been so long ago,
but I would give
the world to know

-Lang Leav

I so like this poem, Lang Leav does it so well… I would really like to know… 🙂 

A Best Friend’s Love

A stupid arrow has pierced my heart
That sneaky little cupid launch an attack
It broke my defense and it cracked apart
I should have known better to protect my heart

At first I thought it was normal
I never thought that fate was brutal
To bestow with me a love that’s eternal
But it hurts when you know your just a best pal

Big Brother, a bully she calls me
We sit and talk about anything else that could be
The past, the present and the future we can’t see
But all this while looking at you is it possible to be you and me?

*comment down guys should I continue being a best friend or should I tell her how I feel…


Meeting you has been my destiny
And I’m stuck between a dream come true
Wish I could face it and accept the reality
That I’m just an admirer and you are a statue

I know I’m crazy to be in love with you
“Cause you neither feel the gravity of my love so true
Neither too could you feel the sadness within you
Which I truly feel every time I look at you

And with this I say that I’m “stoned”
And I know it’s forbidden and never has it happened
But I do know it’s true my heart tells me I’ve fallen
With a creature I can’t, I won’t and forever not experience love and pain

We’ll I was thinking what do we term it if a man falls in love with a statue,
so the word “stoned” came into my mind and thus I wrote this poem in dedication to it…hope you like it 🙂

It Was Never Intended

It was never intended the way I care for you
It was never my intention that all I think about is you
I was hypnotized and forever enslaved in love with you
It’s not that I’m complaining but I’m glad that my master is you.

Thanks for enslaving me within that beautiful cell 🙂
I never intended to stay, guess, my heart’s just too stubborn to let go 🙂