I’m afraid

I’m afraid because I love you
You might get scared of me too
I might cause you harm
Instead of causing warmth

I’m afraid that if I go all out
You might get suddenly get tired
I’m afraid that when we part
I could and might never survive

I am afraid with the thought
Of losing and forgetting you
I’m afraid that this is all a dream for us too
A beautiful nightmare I don’t want to wake up to.

disclaimer: photo not mine. 

It Hurts

It’s been a while
Since I’ve had that smile
The way you look at the skies
With eyes that longs to fly

It’s been a while
Since I’ve had that cry
Me hugging my pillow at night
With that puppy sad look in my eyes

It’s been a while
Since I’ve put up this smile
My jaws are locked up and tired
Dealing and smiling at life

It’s been a while
Since I’ve felt love inside
Not since the day you arrive
And told me: “It’s okay that life, it’s human to hurt”


It is so much better when we have someone to encourage and someone who can listen to us who help us lessen the baggage that we are carrying inside. The simple gestures, the hugs and the pats and encouraging words are enough to make a person get ahold of his life, to see something worth living for , to make a person realize that there is always a silver lining and that after the rain comes the sunshine. Thanks for being always there!


Should I tell you I love you?
Even though you already knew
Would it even matter if I said this words to you
Should I tell you? So my heart could let you go

Should I tell you I love you?
And that’s all I wanted to do
From the moment I saw you
My heart just couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
No, I don’t think that would do
When you’ve already said to me, “no”
Should I tell you I love you? I really wanted to

I saw you last night drinking alone
Should I approach you?
I’ve been longing to talk to you
About the feelings I couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
Maybe yes, and maybe no, I’m not sure
But I should tell you in another lifetime though
when you’re ready to say, that you love me too


Good day! 🙂 so long and thanks for reading!

Be happy

The saddest words you’ll ever hear
Are not the words that irritates the ear
Not the ‘I hate you’s’ and ‘fuck you’s’
But that of the words ‘be happy’ and ‘I loved you’

‘Be happy!’, it’s the last thing you’ve said
’Be happy!’, that’s all I’ve ever heard
‘Be happy!’, because I loved you so dear
‘Be happy!’, and thank you for the times we shared

Be happy, but how could I? when my world is torn
How could I ever dare, when we’re both alone
What once was unbreakable was now unmendable
How could someone be happy? when being broken in two


Behind the beauty
Is an overwhelming sorrow
A current of anxiety
Pulling her to depths of despair

She has long forgotten
How to sing
The joyful praises
That once was her hymn

Now she’s floating
Screaming something
Which has long been
Forgotten by the living

A man promised her once
Eternal happiness
But that happiness was
A lie that drowned her senses

As her memories fades
She slowly sinks
In her last minutes
A tear appears

To the reader:
Broken promises hurt specially if it’s one promised with love. Nothing is more fragile than a human heart, for love they could give everything but once it’s gone it could also destroy everything, that’s why not all who are in love are happy. Thanks for the read 🙂

Don’t Wake Me

I beg of you in the name of peace
To please not wake me and let me sleep
I need a quiet and a peaceful place
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have too much problems, I can’t bear the weight
I need some escape and a good night’s sleep
I am tired and I need a rest
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I am broken and in pieces
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep
I am hurt and am still healing
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep

I have forgotten you so please don’t visit
The places in my dreams when I fall asleep
I might miss you and it will only hurt me
So please don’t wake me and let me sleep.

To the readers: Sometimes or often times sleep is the only place to rest, to slowly heal ourselves the place of comfort and escapade. So if you ever have problems or anxieties bothering you, try to get enough sleep. I’m not saying it will solve the problem. But it will clear your mind and help you in decision making. It’s the same in love, don’t ever wake a sleeping heart if you just want to have fun, don’t break it and care for it because love grows once fostered over time but don’t ever wake a sleeping heart.

One Sided

I was normal but incomplete
I have everything but without you near
I was like a pot, perfect, but have nothing in it
I was lacking life, to cherish and adore

I have eyes but I can’t see
I was looking at things wrongly
I was only thinking of you and me
And not the possibility if it was me you see

I had two hands but was touching nothing
I meant to hold you in an endless embrace
I wanted to show you that love is a bliss
Sometimes short-lived but true love is undying

I had two ears but I can’t hear
That your heart beating for me was unreal
I was under a spell so cruel
It was making me think that forever was real

To the reader: One sided love,often refers to a person who is deeply in love with another person who does not feel the same way. This kind of love is the hardest and the saddest. How can you fall in love with someone you can’t have? But still wish for their own happiness, if that person gets hurt you’d get hurt too. This is, in all it’s emotional complexity is one aspect of love that’s so enchanting and mind blowing. It can make a hard-headed person yield and the weak strong. So keep faith that love is real, even though its complex and destructive it is still magical, it heals the brokenhearted and completes the lonely person. At one point in time not all love are given are to be reciprocated after all it is more blessed to give than to receive. 🙂 smile! keep loving.


A raindrop fell
In sync with a drop of tear
I look up at the sky
As the tears rolled in my eyes

The raindrops pick-up
It drowned my face
But the tears won’t stop
As it took the pace

I closed my eyes
But the tears won’t stop falling
As the rain mixed in my tears
It flooded my world and drowned my whole being

because of you it won’t stop falling…


It’s hard you know for me to say this
But I do know it was wrong for me to do it
I may have hurt you but I ask for forgiveness
It was out of anger that’s why I did it

I was out for second and I lost it
I was not myself I could not see it
It was my problem I wasn’t able to control it
That’s why I burst out from the pressure of it

It was unfounded jealousy that pushed me to limits
It was the lack of friends and no one to tell this
I was wrong, I was mad and I got drank from it
It was why, I pulled the trigger when I saw you kiss his lips.