A visit

I went back to a place I know
When I was once a boy
To see faces from my mind
The pictures in my soul

The pictures that I long to replicate
From the memories of my past state
My innocent life when I didn’t know anything yet
Was something not others can duplicate

It’s something my teachers gave
And my classmates fill of share
All the times that we have shared
They all come back as I visit this place

About the Picture: This picture is in front of my alma mater in high school The Sisters of Mary School. A Roman Catholic schools which focuses on helping the poorest of the poor youth of the country, for Philippines we have four branches of this school 2 in Cavite and 2  in Cebu (Minglanilla and Talisay).

Author’s Note: Sometimes when we visit a place all memories will rush back to us, those memories that we thought we’ve already forgotten as time passed by. There are mixed feelings when coming to places like this, as for me, I missed the brotherly love I experienced in my highschool.

              Imagine all 2100 plus boys studying together in a campus, only going out outside the world to have vacation for 14 days a year and the rest is all about study, praying, working and playing. I lived with 50 students which became my dorm mates for four consecutive years in highschool. This 50 boys came from different islands here on Philippines(Visayas and Mindanao) each growing up in a different kind of environment, with each, an attitude to his own. Our first year was a mess, with each adjusting to each other, fights and conflicts arise due to misunderstanding attributed to behaviour, language and mainly the energy of youth. So all this and that we learned to live in sync for four years, eating and living in the same environment, equally with the same clothes, study materials. We face the same trials and encounters in our early youth as highschoolers and that created a kind of love which is hard to find brotherly love created through our bonding. We do everything at the same time with set schedules for study, praying, playing and working. We do everything together so that no one is left behind and no one will feel lonely and that everyone is responsible for looking out for each other, we value each other and treat everyone as real siblings with the sisters standing as our mother.

              Even now, I still long to go back to those days where life was fun and full of innocence without a care for what will happen tomorrow, only focused on what is happening at the moment. So to admit, I miss the school, the family, the friends, the loving sisters and the love I received from everyone. All of this I realised when I visited this place.


I miss you

There’s a nagging feeling
That’s happening within
It happens on my dreams
Often when you’re not here

It pulls on my insides
Like feelings set aside
It wakes me up at three
Like a curse tormenting me

I only see your back
Oh how I long for your touch
Only then I’ll know it’s true
I miss you and long to hold you

A Little Bit

I’m a little bit funny, a little bit mad,
a little bit happy, a little bit sad,
a little bit holy, a little bit bad,
I’m a little man Tordy, a little bit odd.

I do admit my clothes are a little bit messy,
I do a lot of work, a little bit lazy,
I do listen to my teacher, a little bit drowsy,
But I do always went to school, a little bit early.

I always speak of things, a little bit dreamy,
I always speak to people, a little bit frankly,
I always approach people, a little bit friendly,
I always like simple people, a little bit geeky.

I have a lot of reactions, I’m a little bit touchy,
I have a lot of enemies, a little bit deadly,
I have a lot of friends, a little bit hearty,
I have a lot of attitudes, a little bit saintly.

I broke my heart a thousand times, a little bit badly,
I found myself a million times, a little bit lonely,
God comfort me a billion times, a little bit lavishly,
I’ll forever be thankful to God a zillion times, for giving me a wonderful family.

To the reader: here is a bit of introduction to myself…



Ang imo kasing kasing mura ug Kugon
Dali ra dauban ug dali pasigahon
Apan imong kayo pila ra ka segundo
Kay sa pagkipat sakong mata nahimo ng abo

Busa kitang duha wala kauyon
Kay ako ang ganahan
Ikaw tong kapoyon
Maong ang kita nabiyaan na sa panahon

Ako tong usa nga nagpadayon
Ikaw tong karon nabilin pa sa kagahapon
Wala nag bag-o ang dughang gama sa kugon
Sige ra gihapog siga sige ra sag kapalong


Your heart is like a cogon grass
easy to set fire and easy to set ablaze
But your fire only lasts a second
Cause in the blink of an eye it turns to ash

That’s why we did not blend
Because I was the one wanted
And you were the one who was tired
That’s why the time left us apart

I was the one who continued
While you were left dwelling in the past
Nothing has changed in your cogon-made heart
Still burning but easily put out

About the poem: This poem was inspired by the term “ningas kugon” an idiomatic expression in Tagalog dialect which means “only hardworking at the beginning but does not finish until the end…” This is one of the attitudes which is a trademark to some Filipinos and I don’t deny the fact that I’m sometimes just like this. So I compared it to the kind of love which is intense but short live, only strives through the good times but vanishes on the onslaught of  trials. It’s like the flame of a cogon grass easy to set fire and burns fast and is gone forever blown by the wind.


kung unsa man or asa man padung
wa nako kabalo kay ako nang palungon
ang kasing-kasing nga gapitik dili na nako tagdon
kay ako gikapoy nag puli sa battery nga maguba ra gihapon

NOTE: I wrote this poem in Cebuano dialect and this is how it goes in English, hope you like it.

“To what or where this is heading
I don’t know, because I’ll switch it off
The heart that beats I will ignore
Because I’m tired of replacing the battery which get’s destroyed”

Dedication:  To the heart that has suffered a lot and is tired of being hurt. Rest your love and heal.


You say things like you mean it
Like how prophets say prophecy
You keep me second guessing
I am no interpreter so I’m left doubting

You say you’re happy but not a sign
You’re face is a mask of a thousand smiles
I wonder when I’ll ever know
The things that upsets and pleases you

I look at you as though you’re the heavens
When it rains, I’ll know you’re sad
When lightning strikes, I’ll know you’re mad
So let me know you’re weather and I’ll shower you with all the love

            I don’t know much about you but I would give the world to know :)…

Far Away

I was inspired
By the scenery
And what transpired
When your eyes met mine

I was sucked in that whole
Into that beautiful soul
The deeper I go
The stronger I’m pulled

I just look at you
Without you knowing
That my heart is falling
While far away admiring

There’s a kind of love that we called love at first sight. I don’t really fully believe in it, but I believe it all starts with that one fateful encounter where one’s eyes meets the other. That’s the time when you are drawn to that person, feeling a type of connection and attraction to that person, without knowing curiosity knocks at our heart to know more and interact with that person. Then in that moment you already have that inexplicable feeling of liking that person, at first we’d like to be friends but in the long run, at sometimes there are certain things which happens along the way, that as we keep watching them we are not made aware that we’re already falling for that person. That in itself is something which I can’t explain but contribute it to the mysteries of this so called love. It makes intelligent people dumb and it makes weak people strong, that’s how amazing it is.
PS: Hi, the person in the image is one of my idol in kpop idol group TWICE, she’s Minatozaki Sana , I like here sweetness combined with cuteness, she’s like a goddess from a dream, haha so much for that, before I start talking so much. She’s my idol and crush and I admire her character 🙂 that’s all for the image.