My Man of Steel, My Man of Honor

To the man I truly loved the most,
My knight in his shining armor,
My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,

Today I write these words for you,
I was blessed for having you,
Yet life for us was not easy,
Trials and challenges had come over us,

There was a time that I was alone,
Being this Damsel in Distress,
Walking in a lonely road without you at my side,
I heard their noise, some are happy, some are even mocking me,

Tears were the only comfort I had that time,
There was none, but my shattered heart crying,
Crying because of too much pain and sorrow,
I thought it would be the end of us,

Each day I thought of fighting,
To fight for the love you’d given me,
Yet there’s no enough strength for me,
To make this love last long,

Until one day I thought of giving up,
Coz there’s no more left but pity for myself,
Too much pain, suffering, and humiliation I felt,
For my soul was moaning and weeping,

‘Twas then I realized,
God seeks happiness for those who weeps,
My Man of Steel had come again,
My Man of Honor was here at my side,

Together, we both fight those trials,
Thank God for giving me,
My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,

Who taught me to fight bravely,
Who encouraged me to live happily,
To love hime more each day,
Coz tomorrow is  not yet the end of us,

Who could have thought he’d come back?
Perhaps, God had answered my weeping heart,
Coz giving up, could mean my regret forever,
If once in my life I had surrendered.

To My Man of Steel,
My Man of Honor,
These I write to you,
The symbol of my love and happiness.

My Punching Bag

I’d never thought I’d met someone so awesome
A brilliant one who looks so handsome
Although at times you feel so fearsome
I’ll never stop hitting you when I feel lonesome

Thanks for giving me a shoulder
At times when I’ve almost surrender
Thanks for being there whenever
My whole world is toppling over

I throw a punch which made you wince
But you smiled at me and didn’t flinch
You said “Go on! Hit me my friend.
‘Cause it hurts the most if you keep it in.”

Even though at times I act so childish
Yet there you are my dearest friendship
Ready to do everything and make things straight
Sacrificing everything for each others benefit.


Although you might not know this, but thanks.


No man is an island
That’s very true for us humans
For as a man we need someone
To be with us, to do things hand in hand

That’s why to you I’m always thankful
Even though I act so ungrateful
You’re there for me when I feel awful
And gives me courage when I feel doubtful

At times I’m lost and can’t control myself
You’re always there for me ready to help
To wake me up and help me stand
The one whom I can share my problems with, the best confidant


Since this month is for our dearest mothers, I offer this poem to the most approachable person and always there for you when you need them, the one who is hurt the most when you’re hurting and the happiest when you achieved something. Happy mother’s day, love you mom! 🙂

A Best Friend’s Love

A stupid arrow has pierced my heart
That sneaky little cupid launch an attack
It broke my defense and it cracked apart
I should have known better to protect my heart

At first I thought it was normal
I never thought that fate was brutal
To bestow with me a love that’s eternal
But it hurts when you know your just a best pal

Big Brother, a bully she calls me
We sit and talk about anything else that could be
The past, the present and the future we can’t see
But all this while looking at you is it possible to be you and me?

*comment down guys should I continue being a best friend or should I tell her how I feel…

Love Like The Sky

            I just want to say these things to you, while the world is asleep, I’m really frustrated, I’m hurting, wanting, needing and trying to do the things, I know I shouldn’t do. But what can I do, when my mind tells me this is the right thing, but my heart wants me to do the opposite.

           It is easy to think of the right thing to do, but actually in reality those things are the hardest thing to do. For the difficulty of things does not depend on the quantity or quality of what we do, it’s not by how much or how many things we accomplish, but it is by fulfilling what our heart truly desires. What I’m saying is I really want to tell you I love you, but I can’t for the time and place we’re in, just not permit such things to happen. In this world of competitiveness where the weak are swallowed by the strong. I must not let you be involved in things that will make your life difficult. I want you to live in peace and harmony with the world. Like a brother protecting his sister, so do I must protect you, to the best of my ability. This is my kind of love, the love a friend to a bestfriend, eternal not sensual, spiritual not physical, democratic and not tyranical. So to say, I love you without any limit, by your side, outside, inside or anywhere you go, my love will always be there, like the sky covering us. We may not look up and not see them, but I’ll always be there overseeing, watching, hearing, seeing and feeling the same things you do. Far away not being able to help and to touch you, yet I’m always there for you, sharing the weight and the burden that you do, I’m not afraid to help, but it’s just that I can’t help, it is your own battle that you must win and it is for your own growth that you’ll have to experience.

-Love like the sky, watching, listening, observing

-Nivram Sollidrot


Meeting you has been my destiny
And I’m stuck between a dream come true
Wish I could face it and accept the reality
That I’m just an admirer and you are a statue

I know I’m crazy to be in love with you
“Cause you neither feel the gravity of my love so true
Neither too could you feel the sadness within you
Which I truly feel every time I look at you

And with this I say that I’m “stoned”
And I know it’s forbidden and never has it happened
But I do know it’s true my heart tells me I’ve fallen
With a creature I can’t, I won’t and forever not experience love and pain

We’ll I was thinking what do we term it if a man falls in love with a statue,
so the word “stoned” came into my mind and thus I wrote this poem in dedication to it…hope you like it 🙂

It Was Never Intended

It was never intended the way I care for you
It was never my intention that all I think about is you
I was hypnotized and forever enslaved in love with you
It’s not that I’m complaining but I’m glad that my master is you.

Thanks for enslaving me within that beautiful cell 🙂
I never intended to stay, guess, my heart’s just too stubborn to let go 🙂