Peace Tea

How good it is if people could drink peace
Just one sip and all the anger vanishes
Into oblivion with just one sip of this
Oh how good it is, if it would be a kind of tea

As much as I love peace
I have never known what it truly is
They say it’s the feeling of being at ease
Like a still pond with no ripples

How good it is if we could brew peace
When we are troubled and ill at ease
When times are hard and pressing
How good it is to have a cup of peace

A cup of peace to soothe your mind
A drink to help and ease your heart
To find peace when we’re in a bind
That kind of drink that’ll warm your heart

Here’s for a tea of peace! I wish you all the peace and calmness of your mind, whenever doubts and anxieties start to cloud your state of mind.

It Hurts

It’s been a while
Since I’ve had that smile
The way you look at the skies
With eyes that longs to fly

It’s been a while
Since I’ve had that cry
Me hugging my pillow at night
With that puppy sad look in my eyes

It’s been a while
Since I’ve put up this smile
My jaws are locked up and tired
Dealing and smiling at life

It’s been a while
Since I’ve felt love inside
Not since the day you arrive
And told me: “It’s okay that life, it’s human to hurt”


It is so much better when we have someone to encourage and someone who can listen to us who help us lessen the baggage that we are carrying inside. The simple gestures, the hugs and the pats and encouraging words are enough to make a person get ahold of his life, to see something worth living for , to make a person realize that there is always a silver lining and that after the rain comes the sunshine. Thanks for being always there!

Today, I’m missing you

Today, Tuesday as the sun rises
I look up at the skies
Gazing at the birds that fly
Looking at the silent passersby

Each and everyone looks busy
Hurrying from here to there
I look at the time and run to the stairs
Was halfway to jumping as I climbed up the stairs

Phew! I was almost late
Just barely made it by minutes
I logged in and drink my coffee
Just my daily morning routine

In the middle of my work, I smiled
Remembering your smile while looking to my eyes
Oh! What a wonderful sight
Can’t wait to see you this coming Friday night

The Road To You

How long does it take to reach your heart?

I’ve been thinking that way since this last March
How in all my questions, do I reach your heart?
Are there any instructions or do I blindly charge?

I don’t know what is ahead of this path
It’s an uncharted waters of my life
I was never someone who likes to run
But my feet is telling me to do all that I can

Is the road to you like the spartan race?
Where there are obstacles along the way
Or is it like the triathlon where endurance is a must
To run and bike and swim on waters for hours

If the road is tough and there are mountains to pass
I would make each step little by little trudging that path
As I’m afraid of heights I might take time to reach the top
But each stride filled with unwavering consistency to reach your heart

I’m not used to running, jogging or hiking
But I find this road akin to my liking
I’m not a masochist but I’ll enjoy the pain
Cause after all they say: “no pain, no gain”


Should I tell you I love you?
Even though you already knew
Would it even matter if I said this words to you
Should I tell you? So my heart could let you go

Should I tell you I love you?
And that’s all I wanted to do
From the moment I saw you
My heart just couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
No, I don’t think that would do
When you’ve already said to me, “no”
Should I tell you I love you? I really wanted to

I saw you last night drinking alone
Should I approach you?
I’ve been longing to talk to you
About the feelings I couldn’t let go

Should I tell you I love you?
Maybe yes, and maybe no, I’m not sure
But I should tell you in another lifetime though
when you’re ready to say, that you love me too


Good day! 🙂 so long and thanks for reading!

Be happy

The saddest words you’ll ever hear
Are not the words that irritates the ear
Not the ‘I hate you’s’ and ‘fuck you’s’
But that of the words ‘be happy’ and ‘I loved you’

‘Be happy!’, it’s the last thing you’ve said
’Be happy!’, that’s all I’ve ever heard
‘Be happy!’, because I loved you so dear
‘Be happy!’, and thank you for the times we shared

Be happy, but how could I? when my world is torn
How could I ever dare, when we’re both alone
What once was unbreakable was now unmendable
How could someone be happy? when being broken in two

To Mother

I love you no matter what
Even at times we get at odds
When I don’t listen and you’re hurt
Or when I give up on you just like now

I’m sorry I couldn’t be that son
Who give you everything like the loyal one
The food, the money and loads of fun
I’m sorry I could not be a dependable man

But this you can depend
That your son truly loves his mom
I love you from the bottom of my heart
Just couldn’t show it when you’re in front

Bear in mind

We all have that in us
A false sense of justice
Unguided righteousness
That seeks to rule and be obeyed

The refusal to believe right from wrong
Because we believe ourselves to be entitled,
The right to undermine others because we are of higher standing
Disregarding our moralities to achieve our greeds

Sometimes we lose our mind
And believe ourselves to be divine
Forgetting ourselves that we are all just human
And that dust shall turn to dust and mud shall turn to mud

So we must always bear in mind
That we are creatures of freedom
That even the most carefree person will go mad
If deprived, imprisoned and bereaved of their freedom

To Agnes

Whom I am so enamoured
Until today, when the world is quite
And everything around me is silent
I would still hear this heart beating your name

You were the start of the realization
That the world is a wonderful creation
You’ve brought with you the colours and inspiration
The advent of an undying admiration

Yes! Undying admiration is what I have for you
Everyday I long to see you
To talk to you, and do everything with you
It is a dream that can never be true

This one’s for you,
That wherever the world will bring you
That whatever happens to you
To always remember, that someone’s rooting for you



This is a piece I wrote a few years ago, I’ve never expected to find this today, so yeah! Fighting! Noona! Happy Tordz’ Day!

No One Listened

Today I played a tune
But no one listened
It was meant as a toast
But they refused the intention

Today I listened to that tune
With an open heart I sing the words
An unknown heartbreaking foreign song
To which my heart is completely drawn

Cheer up! Because the world is too sad
Many people’s faces painted in a frown
Shoulders are down and heads are bowed
Hearts are heavy and smiles are scarce

The world is in silence
They need someone to pull the strings
To destroy that monotonous buzzing
With wild rock and disco hymns

Comfort that sorrowful soul
With each keystrokes from the piano
Pluck that worries in your heart
With every string of your guitar

And when missing my home
Play that catchy country song
Or that OPM song that reminds you of
A childhood sweetheart you once loved.


Some songs you have to listen alone 😦 . To be honest I’m an atheist of songs, I have preference but I’m always ready to hear any music, because they were created to be heard, to comfort and to entertain our lonely souls.