kung unsa man or asa man padung
wa nako kabalo kay ako nang palungon
ang kasing-kasing nga gapitik dili na nako tagdon
kay ako gikapoy nag puli sa battery nga maguba ra gihapon

NOTE: I wrote this poem in Cebuano dialect and this is how it goes in English, hope you like it.

“To what or where this is heading
I don’t know, because I’ll switch it off
The heart that beats I will ignore
Because I’m tired of replacing the battery which get’s destroyed”

Dedication:  To the heart that has suffered a lot and is tired of being hurt. Rest your love and heal.



You say things like you mean it
Like how prophets say prophecy
You keep me second guessing
I am no interpreter so I’m left doubting

You say you’re happy but not a sign
You’re face is a mask of a thousand smiles
I wonder when I’ll ever know
The things that upsets and pleases you

I look at you as though you’re the heavens
When it rains, I’ll know you’re sad
When lightning strikes, I’ll know you’re mad
So let me know you’re weather and I’ll shower you with all the love

            I don’t know much about you but I would give the world to know :)…

Far Away

I was inspired
By the scenery
And what transpired
When your eyes met mine

I was sucked in that whole
Into that beautiful soul
The deeper I go
The stronger I’m pulled

I just look at you
Without you knowing
That my heart is falling
While far away admiring

There’s a kind of love that we called love at first sight. I don’t really fully believe in it, but I believe it all starts with that one fateful encounter where one’s eyes meets the other. That’s the time when you are drawn to that person, feeling a type of connection and attraction to that person, without knowing curiosity knocks at our heart to know more and interact with that person. Then in that moment you already have that inexplicable feeling of liking that person, at first we’d like to be friends but in the long run, at sometimes there are certain things which happens along the way, that as we keep watching them we are not made aware that we’re already falling for that person. That in itself is something which I can’t explain but contribute it to the mysteries of this so called love. It makes intelligent people dumb and it makes weak people strong, that’s how amazing it is.
PS: Hi, the person in the image is one of my idol in kpop idol group TWICE, she’s Minatozaki Sana , I like here sweetness combined with cuteness, she’s like a goddess from a dream, haha so much for that, before I start talking so much. She’s my idol and crush and I admire her character 🙂 that’s all for the image.  

A year of love…

Hi everyone! It’s already the middle of January and this would be my first post 🙂 Sorry for starting out so late. I was sorting things out so I can get a clear set of my goal. Anyways this years start of the year has been so stressing but great, I’m not even in the middle of the year but I’m already feeling so depressed. Thanks for the amazing friends and for God Almighty for always guiding and enlightening my mind to do good things and making my mind stronger.

So anyways, so much for the introduction, this year my theme will be #365daysoflove. Yes this what the world needs, amidst all the many things that happened over last year, the terrors and everything that we have experienced, I believe they are all connected to love, because of love for money lots of things can be done, but a love for a human being and for all things that are living are the best and none that can be compared to. So to summarize, my posts would be more about love, poems about love that I observe in my surroundings or personal experience, regarding this case that’s all for today and thanks for reading my previous poems and giving me a (like) . It’s a great honor for me and satisfaction that some people have read or are able to relate to my poems, I may not be the best but I love what I’m doing.

That would be all, many thanks for the support and let’s have a wonderful year ahead, spread love and witness them through others.

Signing Off,

Bluedreamer X

Sweet Nighmare

I haven’t seen you in a while
When you popped up in my dreams
You were dressed in white
But there were tears in your eyes

The dream continued
But it was different scenario
I was in your arms seemingly dead
You were crying out in some front yard patio

The next day I dreamed something
It was still you but we were running
You were so anxious and it was so unnerving
I wanted to protect you but I’m weak so we keep on running

Then a strange thing happened
I felt your lips touch mine, it was the sweetest kiss ever
But then everything broke like a mirror struck by hammer
As the ringtone in my phone said “Wake up Tordz! It’s time to shower!”


A raindrop fell
In sync with a drop of tear
I look up at the sky
As the tears rolled in my eyes

The raindrops pick-up
It drowned my face
But the tears won’t stop
As it took the pace

I closed my eyes
But the tears won’t stop falling
As the rain mixed in my tears
It flooded my world and drowned my whole being

because of you it won’t stop falling…