Hello All! Thanks for reading…Everyone has hobbies of their own, most commonly people engaged themselves on sports and various physical activities, others, to travels and collecting artifacts or interesting objects from all around the world, while some ventures into different kinds of feats of their own, like climbing the highest mountains, swimming with sharks and visiting the most remote areas around the world. All of us venture into different kinds of hobbies, into whatever passion we have to gratify ourselves and have some sense of satisfaction in our lives. As for me, I often write poems, write stories, read books,and sometimes write essays, for some reasons I love this things, because it’s cheap, I don’t have to pay something or go anywhere else, but from this hobbies, I get to travel a lot to different places, outside our world or inside and venturing into other realms, journeying into a different world and creating my own world, more wonderful, interesting, mysterious and sometimes accidentally creating a totally horrific world that also terrifies me to think of(wink). Though I have other hobbies too, like playing chess, badminton and dota2, oftentimes I am more inclined to do this than the rest of my activities, because in this way I am able to express my self, be free from worldly things, and most commonly I used this to comfort myself and escape to the other worlds; not to forget my current problems, but to comfort myself and encourage my own persona to keep on moving forward and face the harsh world in which we are all living. Oftentimes I get to write things like poems, essays and stories; are during the times when I’m lonely, sad, lost in thought or just happy, it does me no harm in releasing my feelings, instead, it helps me empty myself of all the negative feelings and put my innermost and sincerest thoughts, into some form, hoping that one day, people will also be reach by the message that I am trying to convey, although they may come unappreciated, at least I am able to share to them how is it to feel something, like being lost in thought, full of anger, hopeless and moving forward in life, my goal is at least I will come to touch one heart and be able to save it or make it happy even just a simple smile(bows).